On grief, car-boot sales, sneaking dictionaries into maternity hospitals, and attempting to drench language ~
The Sunday Times

On rooftop-writing, wise advice, and translation as a drunken knife fight ~ The Arts Council of Ireland

On ghosts, truth, obliteration, distance, and writing the self ~ a conversation with Megan Nolan 

"Tá súil agam go mbeidh taibhse Eibhlín  Dubh liom i gconaí" - TG4

On lust, sneaking others in the back door, feeling lucky, and the Violent Femmes ~ The Mystery Train with John Kelly

On favourite books, favourite poems, and teaching myself to write: Shelf Analysis with Rick O'Shea

On oocytes, ‘choreographing the reader’s breath’, threads, layers of skin and Dr Seuss ~ with Dr. Adam Hanna of The School of English, University College Cork

"Bean ghlúine atá ionam ar shlí, agus mé ag iarraidh dán nua a shaolú. Ní smaoiníonn an bhean ghlúine ach ar an gcúram atá roimpi." ~ As an Nua

Photo: Bríd O'Donovan

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