'Mandible' - ringforts, a lost whalebone gate, and "pale ribbons tossed into the dark." A collaboration with composer Linda Buckley and Fallow, whose roots grew from Gorse 9. Volume on, click here
The book 'Crossing'  places three decades of art by Dorothy Cross alongside reflections by Edna O’Brien, Philip Hoare, Doireann Ní Ghríofa and Declan Long.  'To Transcend by Drenched Threads' begins in the Natural History Museum, where dawn "warms all the dusty pelts and furs and skins, glinting in the glass eyes of badgers and foxes, of elk and fish", and finds its way towards "a sea cave, where a woman stands over the dark pool of her silhouette". More here
​'Time Folks Please' - On dream, a brain touched by the volcanic, the many bones of the wrist, the Dennis Dinneen Archive, and how "the fox-cub’s eye remembers the moon." 'Small Town Portraits' 
​'​Don’t Fuck with the Fairies​'​ - An Encounter with Eddie Lenihan, exploring the art of gathering an archive of voices, dark folklore, the Sí, and how "the harder a thing is to do, the more you’ll enjoy looking back at it.”Photography by Ruby Wallis.  Volume 6, Winter Papers
'​A ​S​carf' -​ A roadtrip sees the strange unravelling of a family myth, finding "a small fog, or a ghost: glimpsed, then gone." Read in The Dublin Review or listen to a reading here by Vicky Langan.
Postcards from a Hospital "The afternoon that I walk through the hospital doors, I walk away from a poem in which I've grown a forest." Design by Fallow. Click on an image to find a new postcard