Dánta ~ Poems


‘While Bleeding’ - Poetry (Chicago)

'Brightening' - The Irish Times

5 Poems in Translation - Poetry Internationa

'Today, Buried' - The Well Review

'A Jaw, Ajar' - Fallow

[chronosequence] - New Dublin Press

‘The Horse under the Hearth’ - The Irish Times

'Faoi Mhaighnéidín Cuisneora' ('​Under a Fridge Magnet') - The Poetry Society, London

'Tuathal' ('Counter-Clockwise') - The Manchester Review​

'In the Computer, a Cave' - Salamander (USA)

'Postcards from a Hospital' - Fallow



photo of irish writer doireann ni ghriofa by john minihan
Image © John Minihan, 2015